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frenchdtd: You are one of those pretty girls on the internet that I look forward to seeing.

You sweetie :D xo

Anonymous: Do you have snapchat? :)

I don’t:3

Anonymous: Can we name our children after fruit?

Our children?!

Follow my main blog!


ajnagarden: Okay. So you're real fucking hot. Thanks for following back you gorgeous human.

Ahaha, it’s cool πŸ˜‰

fileout: Thanks for following. Rad tumblr!


Anonymous: I can be naughty

Good for you!

Anonymous: You naked that's naughty

You’re naughty

sleepingnoble: You're so ungodly beautiful. Surely you are an angel?

Ahaha, so sweet! But I’m not angelic at all

ordinariodefinitivo: Would do you without asking haha niceblog you redheaded HOTTIE!!

Haha, cheers!

sneaky-red-panda: Stop being so perf, you're making my eyes hurttttt.

Aw, cute but I’m nowhere near perfect! Haha

Anonymous: you're hot. 9/10 would bang


Anonymous: What's your name? So I can put that pretty face to a name. Do you love outside of the USA.

Aw, my name is Rachel, and I live in the UK:3

sleepingnoble: Ah. I just had to let you know how beautiful you are. You have such unique features. Your eyes are absolutely stunning. And you have perfect lips. I'm sure you're quite the person to get to know. Perhaps one day.

You’re wonderful!xoxo